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société du canal de provence

30 mars 2017Christophe BONIS clients

A WordPress Theme is the overall design of a site and encompasses color, graphics, and text. A Theme is sometimes called the skin or template, but it isn’t really. A skin and template are really…

Platform and Philosophy

30 mars 2017Christophe BONIS Non classé

Not everyone is evil, but keep those who are in check by limiting which html tags are kosher on your weblog. The default html tags allowed by WordPress are a sane choice to let people use html in thei…

Grow Your Community

30 mars 2017Christophe BONIS Non classé

WordPress has a built-in user registration system that (if you choose) can allow people to register and maintain profiles and leave authenticated comments on your blog. You can optionally close commen…

Broadcast Your Ideas

30 mars 2017Christophe BONIS Non classé

The RSS 1.0 (aka RDF), RSS 2.0 and ATOM specifications are fully supported by WordPress, and what’s more, just about any page on your site has an associated feed that your readers can subscribe …